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I have about a year and a half to two years left before I become a teacher and let me tell you…. I am soooo excited! Right now I am working on my core education classes and they are so interesting. Along with that, I am going Pinterest crazy with lots of ideas on classroom organization, activities, and classroom management ideas. In doing some more research on the web I came across a couple of articles on how to create a Teacher Page. Being a mother of a future 5thgrader (in the fall) I always love looking at my daughter’s classroom page. The teacher posts the students homework, information about themselves, and sometimes they will even include a newsletter. So…. How do you create a Teacher webpage?

Step 1: Find a web provider or site host. There are plenty to choose from. Some of them have a one time fee, a monthly service fee, and my favorite, the ones that won’t cost me a dime.

Step2: Now that you have found a web provider, it’s time to customize your site. Normally the web provider gives you access to some tools to dazzle up your web page. Make sure to include a photo of yourself. You can even include a photo of the school and even your classroom. Along with your picture make sure to include different ways parents and students can reach you like your email address, phone number, school address and class room number.

Step3: Tell the reader a little bit about yourself. You can include where you went to school, how long you have been teaching, any interests or hobbies you may have, and of course how excited you are to be teaching!

Step4: Think about what else you would like to share with the reader. Plan out how you would like to organize your web page. Some ideas to throw around may include additional web pages for homework, general classroom rules, a photo gallery, a mission statement, a weekly or monthly newsletter. If possible you can upload documents that parents/students can download. There are so many possibilities!

Step5: If you are willing to update your page often enough you may be able to add a comment section to receive feedback, otherwise you can direct the readers to email or call you if needed.

I hope this provided some groundwork for you to create your fabulous teacher web page!
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